Stephanie Jane Portraits is now offering Belly Casting for our clients.

Belly Casting is complimentary to mother's who have booked the Belly to Baby Bundle which includes a Maternity & Newborn session. 

My FAVORITE way to remember the size of your belly is to use the actual belly cast at your newborn session with your new baby! It is an incredible moment to see your new baby fit perfectly curled up into his/her belly cast.

After your session, the cast is your keepsake to take home. Belly casts can be left white, or they can be decorated, displayed in the nursery or just keep it to compare your belly to your next birth! View examples here: Decorate your cast


All casting material is made from 100% natural materials and is non-toxic.  

Just call the studio at 716-698-4715 to schedule a time to come in so we can create your belly cast!


Belly Casting:

$60 (with purchase of a maternity session)
$45 (with purchase of a newborn session) 

$0 with purchase of the Belly to Baby Bundle (Maternity + Newborn Session) 

Includes basic casting, with basic trimming and sanding

Please call 716-698-4715 to schedule or for more information.